1. mignonettesauce

    December 23, 2015 at 3:09 am

    in my case, i met them all here at net… this american black guy…we are like thousand of miles away… i know thats crazy but that is how i love the person.. but he believes that we should meet, then date before we end up as bf… wtf…
    he just doesnt want the idea of getting to know each other virtually… well, since we are both far and there is nothing i can do right now because i dont have a job that pays me well… i know and i am aware that financially im not yet fit to be in a relationship but isnt be fair to be judged with my current status?
    Till now..the status is “i dont know”
    One time, i asked him,
    Do you love me?
    He said: “you should know it by now”
    I really hate mind games because its unclear… he should tell me what he feels because i dont know where to stand… im not putting the thing that i love him and wants to love me back, but i also want to secure my standing from him…
    Do you want to love someone but you dont know if he does too for you?

    all of my life, im so desperate to find someone to take me and care for me…but i have no luck..

    there is someone, an arab guy, a doctor, wants to take me with him in Saudi.. he will finance everything and find me a job.. but the thing is im a mistress…
    I cant stand it because even if its ok to be polygamous to them but for me, i have a conscience and i dont like the feeling that im letting someone cheat from his wife just for me…
    That sucks for me…

    I joined this site and many sites just, hoping, that walt disney is true…
    I mean, to find someone who can take me with him, dream together, and proposes to me…
    Someone whom i can call husband… i know in this crazy and busy world we live today, i believe that there is still someone out there that is waiting for me…
    Im turning 30 this coming year, 2015.
    Man, i need someone now… im not getting old and who knows if i will still live for tomorrow…

    Thanks for reading my short story… i still have lots of it…
    Bad bad experiences…

  2. Valabad

    December 29, 2015 at 1:00 am

    I was once in a relationship with an american guy way back February 14 2013. I found him in Craiglist Site in short we became boyfriends for so long we went to many fights due to many reasons one thing i found out about him was, he has a bipolar disorder but despite his mood swing i loved him so much and i very sure that i want him to be my” man for forever” he was a very sweet and caring person to me and in return i’ve been a good boyfriend to him.

    After a few months being in a relationship with him he decided to visit me here in Philippines we planned about things (travel/hotel/things to-do) and i booked a hotel room for us, he bought a plane ticket for me everything was set . But after several days we went to an arguments that leads to a fight(the reason why i got irritated with his behaviour when he has a mood swing he asked me many non-sense thing about translations even am so sleepy he wants to talk to me all the time. it seems he cant understand me, in short our first attempt to meet was cancelled because he said he’s afraid that i wont show up at the airport to meet him. all of our plans/money was turns into nothing. Our relationship is like a rollercoaster but after all i still love him and want to meet him, He planned to visit me again for the secont time because he’s very sure that he’s ready to travel and meet me…. as the scheduled date was getting closer there comes so many unexpected fights and i found out that he flirted with the other guy on Facebook. he keeps on blaming me why he flirted on the other guy because he felt unloved by me. On my side it was a very painful, i cant believe he did it to me after all my sacrifices for him my time, even am sleepy at night i still manage to chat him coz i love very much. I discovered that his hotel reservation was modified my name was removed and replaced by the name of his new Boyfriend . I beg him not to pursue his trip to the Philippines if he just wanted to visit his new boyfriend and set another plan to visit him . Im glad that he granted my request instead he went to Hawaii for vacation, December 2015 was the very painful month for me am so disappointed( i can’t sleep at night, I cried all night ) even he did it to me i managed to behave and i did not cursed or say bad words to him and his new boyfriend ,Instead i told him” if you’re happy with him I’ll set you free. I dont want to beg you to stay, hope he will love you truly and am still your good friend”. Days passed by am getting better and already accepted the fact that these things happens for a reason . Now am finally good, a few days ago i received messages from him, He want to take me back and build our relatioship again. After all i decided not to continue to have relationship with him instead i treat him as a good friend. For now am trying again to look for the “Man of my life-someone that wont hurt my feelings.”


  3. erlito

    December 31, 2015 at 9:40 pm

    Hi valabad and mignonettesauce i really touch to your stories. I am hoping that signing in this site we already find our partner in life. 🙂

    • Valabad

      January 5, 2016 at 1:04 am

      hope so.. Thank you.

  4. dael

    January 13, 2016 at 7:16 am

    Also sadened by your stories…unfortunate experiences really happen most, as with this not-detailed story of my experience. It’s not about a long distance relationship though.

    I’ve never tried having a serious relationship. I never experienced having “official” bf apparently. Although there were some guys who were caring, loving, and generous to me, there was no special love I felt for them. So I even had thought to myself that there’s no such thing as “being in love”. But that thought changed when I met a guy with whom I had deeply fallen in love.

    It happened when I went abroad as an overseas worker. I met this guy who, like a witch, charmed me. He’s not very good-looking actually, so that I wasn’t attracted to him instantly. In fact, this guy was my boss. But he showed understanding and kindness to me despite my shortcomings. He was different from the other bossess (his relatives) in attitude and behaviour towards me. And he was flirtatious too. It’s in that way I think that I’ve fallen in love with him. But I found out that he just likes to flirt. It’s merely for his personal advantage. Because he thought that if I’m charmed, I will stay and work for him for a longer period. And I also found out that he has a boyfriend already.
    It’s only then that I knew how it hurts when the person you love doesn’t love you back. And the more it hurts when you keep on being updated about the sweet love affair of that person. So I wanted to forget all about him. Despite insistent request for me to stay, I did not agree for an employment recontract. So I went home.

    …in hopes of knowing someone who can love me i registered on this site


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