Puerto Vallarta is a city on the Pacific Coast of Mexico with a population of 350,000 individuals. Most of the early settlers in Puerto Vallarta were households who had left the outlying Sierra towns to enjoy coastal living. Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board has been collaborating recently with all its trade partners to provide exclusive discounts when booking is produced on their site: Visitors can realize discounts on activities and stays for as high as 50% off the regular rates. Puerto Vallarta is the definition of a gay beach trip and extremely well-liked with Americans and Canadians. The Romantic Zone is the hub for rainbow bars and sophisticated, gay-friendly restaurants. A fantastic time to pay a visit to Puerto Vallarta is of course during Vallarta Pride, which happens during the last 2 weeks of May.

There are many gay individuals from the city and from other the cities within the country (most especially Guadalajara) who also come here to have exciting vacations. Market place savvy investors are buying genuine real estate in Puerto Vallarta not just for their personal vacation purposes but also for a steady supply of earnings that comes from renting out their condo or villas throughout the year.  Puerto Vallarta is fairly gay friendly so it would not be a huge deal to book accommodations somewhere outside the Old Town (Viejo Vallarta) area of town. For example, you can get a room at the budget gay Hotel Mercurio for $56 (which comes with a delicious hot breakfast). There are also numerous gay and gay-friendly bars and clubs not to mention a famous gay beach and outstanding gay trips on boats.  The gay-friendly Hotel Mercurio is in central Puerto Vallarta, just 170 yards from the beach.  Although you can find numerous fine accommodations whilst traveling here, timeshare rentals can be some of the more practical and comfy, but they can also be expensive. A lot of individuals opt to find lodging in the Hotel Zone of Puerto Vallarta, but we feel that this area lacks things to do and is really inauthentic. Probably the ideal-identified gay hotel in Puerto Vallarta is the small but very lovely Casa Cupula. It’s located in one of Puerto Vallarta’s most trendy neighborhoods.

Night life in Puerto Vallarta is very delightful and enchanting, so those gay couples who are searching to make their honeymoon more pleasurable ought to come to PV. Couples staying here in luxury villas take pleasure in spending their time in night spots and relish all distinct types of drinks and music throughout the gay Puerto Vallarta area. La Noche bar serves great tequila at reasonable prices on a tastefully lit rooftop. Situated on the beautiful beaches of Nuevo Vallarta, the all-new Vallarta Palace resort is our house for an wonderful week of exciting, friendship, sports, parties, entertainment, and unforgettable memories.

Puerto Vallarta is very simply 1 of the most stunning, cultured, luxurious trip spots in all of Mexico, and certainly on the planet. The major strip of Zona Romantica, Olas Altas, is dotted with gay bars and cafés. Bordered by the beautiful Pacific, with absolutely gorgeous mountain and bay views, Vallarta is a resort town that is very highly rated. Named the ‘San Francisco of Mexico’, Puerto Vallarta has for decades been 1 of the most well-known gay travel destinations. And we’ve discovered that Puerto Vallarta also has a lot to provide to the spending budget traveler.  Travelers on a budget will appreciate the fact that you can find cheap accommodations and entertainment, if you look hard enough and plan well in advance.

I personally choose the crashing Pacific surf to the gentler Caribbean, and there is a lot of that outside of Vallarta Bay. You will without a doubt see the ecological beauty of Puerto Vallarta and trust me, it will leave you really breathless! Nearby officials say Puerto Vallarta is gaining a reputation for destination weddings —especially popular with lesbians. Puerto Vallarta has all the quaintness, without compromising on any of the contemporary conveniences.

Even though it is nice to just sit on the beach or at the pool and waste the day away, Puerto Vallarta provides a myriad of nature and adventure activities for vacationers looking to go out exploring for a weekend or just for a day. Vallarta now has over a dozen hotels, guesthouses, and bed and breakfasts that cater to our community, several various gay bars and gay clubs, a really well-known gay beach, fantastic gay trips on boats, outstanding tours which include evenings out at natural hot springs, and some excellent restaurants. Whilst in Puerto Vallarta, you also have the possibility to swim with dolphins or sea lions. Also, the sea turtle release events on Puerto Vallarta’s beaches are open to all visiting families and are totally free of charge. The waters surrounding Puerto Vallarta are a favourite for deep sea fishermen and the area also offers horseback riding, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving. Whether or not you are looking for exciting in the sun or a complete cultural encounter, Puerto Vallarta has some thing for you. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has turned out to be a leading gay-friendly destination and provides an array of items to do, see, and encounter. You can travel around the area on the very inexpensive city buses that run all over town every single day of the week. In addition to being cheap, traveling by city bus also gives you the opportunity to get to know the locals!

While the gay beach does not attract the multitude of gay tourists like the sands to the north, what makes this beach noteworthy is that it is 1 of the few that permits nudity. The centerpiece of the area, the city of Puerto Vallarta itself, is undoubtedly Mexico’s most sophisticated beach resorts with plenty of adventures to be had. In Puerto Vallarta, since it’s a beach city, locals have a ‘live and let live’ attitude, which helped the LGBT community to plant its roots. For those in search of someplace new and exotic, PV provides a lot more than the bog-normal gay holiday formula of bars and beaches. Puerto Vallarta gay pride is a 12-day festival that showcases amazing arts and culture events, concerts, entertainment, films, lots of partying and a fabulous Pride Parade.

Regarded as the largest LGBT celebration in this area, Vallarta Pride welcomed thousands of visitors in 2016. The annual gay pride festival celebrates the diversity of the city with arts and cultural events, films, and entertainment to showcase to the globe the vibrant neighborhood. In this area you are going to discover hundreds of gay guys and ladies sitting beneath the palapas or on towels near the surf line, soaking up the hot Mexican sun and socializing with gays from every other city and country imaginable. The green umbrellas blend with the blue on the beach, although, it really is significantly gay no matter what colour the umbrellas. Vallarta Pride is now a 2 week long annual event that pays tribute to the LGBT community with arts and cultural events , concerts, films, beach parties and a lot of other enjoyable things to show the globe the fabulous diversity of this incredible destination. The gay scene in the city runs the gamut, from A-list couples to gay beach bums. For the uninitiated, in Puerto Vallarta, like most of Latin America, smaller bars typically are busiest in the early evening up till about midnight or 1 a.m. The larger nightclubs do not get busy until right after 1 a.m. Some of the favorite gay clubs you won’t want to miss are Paco’s Ranch, CC Slaughters, Karma, and Enter. Generally, the city’s gay bars are busy earlier in the evening, till about 1 a.m. Puerto Vallarta’s gay sauna, Spartacus Spa is also busy early. Keep in mind that gay bars, nightclubs, gay discos, gay drag shows and gay strip bars are Cash ONLY no exceptions, as most don’t have credit card processing equipment nor ATM’s on website like a lot of American or Canadian bars.

Sheraton Buganvilias Resort and Convention Center: This massive hotel’s central location tends to make it best for exploring the town of Puerto Vallarta, its restaurants and nightlife. Bars are sometimes ‘here today and gone tomorrow’, but the leaders in these days ́s Vallarta include CC Slaughters, La Noche, Enter, and Paco’s Ranch. There are 3 principal areas of town where gay nightlife in Puerto Vallarta is centered: Lazaro Cardenas, Olas Altas, and Rio Cuale.

A travel excursion to to Vallarta definitely needs to include a stroll on the town’s popular Malecon, a boardwalk that runs along the beach downtown. The nightlife scene is really changeable in Puerto Vallarta, but fortunately the city delivers a couple of gay guides that you can verify on the web just before you go or you can pick up a free of charge as soon as you get into town. “Gay PV Magazine” and “The Gay Guide Vallarta” are 2 of the most popular guides offered, and can be found online at GayPV.mx and GayGuideVallarta.com.  The Gay Guide Vallarta is the very best source of particulars about all that gay PV has to offer you, and is readily offered on the internet, or the printed version can be found at many business locations in the gay district. The size of the gay beach region has expanded for the duration of the last couple of years to contain the Sapphire Ocean Club (formerly El Lido), located straight in front of the One Beach Street Vallarta condos at #1 Malecon street.

Even though Isla Cuale may not acquire much far more than passing mentions in travel guides, the island has become an integral element of Vallartan culture. It is an island right between Old Town and Downtown.  It has some pretty amazing views, and also a museum that is well worth visiting.   

Mardi Gras: The festival was began by the gay Puerto Vallarta community as an alternative to a gay pride parade and is held on the classic Mardi Gras day, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. For LGBT visitors it has been a haven for decades with a thriving, diverse nightlife and a famously open and well-liked gay beach. Playa Los Muertos is the planet popular gay beach well-known from October till May possibly. When you stay at adult’s only Blue Chairs Hotel you will be in the heart of the gay zone and in a classic elegant Mexican hotel. The most well-known hiking tours generally take about half of a day and wind via amazing vegetation, although the most complete tours incorporate all the very best sites of the rainforest and can last all day. The two weeks of Christmas-New Years are the most well-liked time to be right here in town (Thanksgiving week is the second most common gay beach holiday time in Vallarta, and Semana Santa or Holy Week at Easter time, is the third favorite). Walking around the town it is intriguing to picture the days when Liz Taylor and friends had been some of the pioneering Americans to vacation in gay Puerto Vallarta.
Puerto Vallarta receives far fewer visitors off-season, and some companies close for extended periods in summer. A lot of gay owned and gay friendly businesses are located here like restaurants, bars, shops and art galleries for each and every pallet and taste. Diana’s Tours has constantly focused on and catered to gay and lesbian tourists, but its “straight-friendly” tours remain open to everybody.

To be sure, homosexuality is still pretty closeted — many gay Mexicans staunchly keep a macho front, and the lesbian scene is nevertheless mostly underground — but this part of Mexico’s attitude toward homosexuality is surprisingly liberal, specially in bigger cities like Puerto Vallarta.  As an LGBT person, you should not have any problems in Puerto Vallarta.  Just keep in mind that all of Mexico is still a Catholic country and overall very conservative, so it’s advised to be discreet about public displays of affection.  Just use common sense, and be respectful to others and you should be fine. Puerto Vallarta is extremely tolerant, and it absolutely is 1 of the top gay-friendly vacation hotspots in all Latin America. Gay-owned hotels and nightspots are all over the Old Town area, and the city’s chic restaurants multiply like bunnies, drawing congenial gay vacationers from Mexico and abroad. When planning your holiday, if you have decided on Mexico, but want to keep in a smaller city, Puerto Vallarta may be your best choice. It really is extremely scenic and is supposedly exactly where the Native Americans very first settled, and the Mexicans that came after.

In addition to the gay venues, the gay community gets to visit all the same attractions, clubs, bars, restaurants and beaches as every single other tourist. Mexicans do choose much more discretion in public than we are accustomed to in the United States, but gay travelers will find a warm welcome in much of the country. There are over 25 bars along and near Olas Altas, and figuring out exactly where to begin your evening (and, far more importantly, exactly where to finish it) can be overwhelming. Anybody who needs proof that gay and lesbian travelers want the same thing in a location that straight travelers do would be properly advised to spend some time in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is now without a doubt one of the top most gay friendly holiday destinations abroad and a wonderful place to visit and live. Enjoy your special time in gay Puerto Vallarta!

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