Everybody wants to find their ‘dream guy’, and that’s why so many gay guys looking for serious relationships are also looking for good gay dating advice.  When it comes to gay dating sometimes it’s hard to know what to do, how and where to look for quality guys, and how to present yourself when you finally get that date.  If you search online there’s lots of gay dating advice available, but here is our best advice we’ve been able to find when it comes to gay dating:

  • Be Patient and Take Your Time
    Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were you! Don’t be in a rush to find your perfect guy, because if you are you might just end up having to settle for someone who really isn’t a good match for you, and vice versa.  Take it slow and remember that however long it takes you to find that special guy, that time spent will be well worth it once you are together.  It’s always better to take your time and make sure you end up with the guy of your dreams rather than someone who isn’t right for you.


  • Expand Your Pool of Prospects
    Don’t limit yourself when searching for your guy.  Apps and free gay chat & dating websites like MrHubby.com are a good place to start with your search, but there are many other resources available.  Do you know someone who has a lot of gay friends?  Ask them if they know any who might be a good match for you, and if they wouldn’t mind introducing you.  Some of the longest lasting gay couples have been introduced by mutual friends.  Joining a gay club is another way of meeting great guys that share your interests.  If you look online you can find gay clubs in almost every big city in the world, for a variety of different interests.  There are gay clubs for sporting activities such as cycling, volleyball, tennis, baseball, skiing, and also gay political clubs and activist clubs you can join.  The point is, if you put yourself out there and get involved in things you enjoy, your chances of meeting ‘Mr Right’ will increase dramatically.


  • Don’t Compare Yourself to Other Guys
    Comparing yourself to other guys often times will only serve to bring you down.  Remember the old saying “The grass is always greener on the other side of the street”?  Well, the same applies here.  When you start comparing yourself to other guys, you will see that there’s always a guy out there who’s better looking, who makes more money than you do, who has a more lively personality, and the list goes on and on.  Instead of comparing yourself to others, instead try to concentrate on the attributes that make YOU special and appealing to other guys.  When you do that, you’ll find that the guys you want will magically start to gravitate toward you.


  • Stop Looking For a Relationship on ‘Hook Up’ Apps and Websites
    This seems like a “no brainer”, but it’s a hard one for some guys to accept because they think all that exists online for gays are hook up sites, or they think it will be different for them and they’ll find that one guy on a sex app who will end up being with them forever.  Unfortunately, more often than not this is a pipe dream.  When you look for guys on these types of websites, you are very likely only going to find guys looking for one thing: one-time sex.  No matter how much you want them to be, they are not looking for a relationship, they are looking for the next guy to have fun with.  If you want to find guys who are ARE genuinely looking for a relationship, you have to look in the right places.  Although apps and websites for gay guys looking for relationships are very few and far between, they do exist.  The website you are on right now, MrHubby.com, is a good example of one.  There are others, but we’re not going to name them because of course we know we are the best!


  • Always Meet in a Public Place
    This should also be an easy thing to understand, but you would be surprised how many guys think that inviting a guy over to his place for the first date is alright.  Newsflash – it isn’t!  Not only is it not a good idea for safety reasons, it’s also not a good idea when meeting and trying to get to know someone for the first time.  If the date goes badly, it will be much more difficult if not impossible for you to excuse yourself since it is your place to begin with!  For the first few dates at least, it is always better to meet someone in a public place because it is neutral for both of you, and you can get to know each other much better in this kind of environment.  Choose a place that will not be too loud, will be comfortable, and will be easy to excuse yourself if things are not going well.  A quiet coffee shop usually will fit the bill well.


  • Don’t Have Sex or Show X-rated Pics on the First Few Dates
    This is probably the most important gay dating advice tip if you are a gay guy looking for a real relationship!  No guy looking for a partner is going to appreciate or respect you if you try to have sex with them too quickly, or show them your x-rated pics right off the bat.  Even if they are extremely ‘hot’ or ‘cute’, please refrain from doing this.  It doesn’t mean that sex is not important, because it is very important in any relationship, gay or straight.  But it’s just as important to wait for the right time for things to happen naturally.  Doing it too soon might just kill your new relationship before it even has time to get started.  If you both end up being a good match for each other, there will be plenty of time for sex and romance later.


  • Don’t Talk About Your Ex Boyfriends on the Date
    Think about it, when you are just beginning a possible new relationship, is it really a good idea to discuss your ex’s?  We don’t think it is.  You both should be looking toward the future not the past, and talking about your ex boyfriend (whether it was good or bad) doesn’t help your current relationship, and might even serve to turn off your date.  In fact, you might not even have a chance with your dream guy because there might not be a second date if you talk about your ex too much.  If he starts discussing his ex, just politely remind him that it’s the two of you on the date and that you would rather he talk about himself than his old boyfriends.  If he continues on, then he just might not be the right guy for you.


  • Listen to Your Intuition, Be Safe, and Above All Have Fun!
    Of course being nervous on a first date is natural, but that should wear off soon, especially if the date is going well.  If the date is not going well, that ‘little voice’ inside will likely tell you.  If you feel like something is not right, it probably isn’t.  You should listen to your own intuition on this.  It might be that you and he are just not compatible, it happens all the time.  That’s part of the reason why people date, to get to know each other and find out if they are compatible.  Whatever the reason that a date is not going well, at that point it would be a good time to excuse yourself.  You can do this by telling the date that you are not feeling well and that you have to go home to rest.  Since you should already be in a public place, that should not be too difficult to do.  In closing, the very best gay dating advice we can give to any guy is to have fun and enjoy yourself.  Remember, it’s only a date!

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