Community Guidelines

As a member of the MrHubby community, you agree to act in accordance with the following community guidelines.  For a more detailed description and explanation of the rules of our site, please visit our Terms of Service page.

We are committed to providing an atmosphere of tolerance and safety for all of our members, and we encourage the free exchange of ideas when it comes to discussions about relationships, friendships, and issues specific to the LGBT community.

Conduct Among Members

We expect our members to act respectfully and thoughtfully with each other, and in accordance with the law.  Treat other members how you would like to be treated, try to be tolerant, and be welcoming to new members of the MrHubby community.  We understand that sometimes conflicts or harassment will happen, and the easiest way to prevent it from escalating is to stop the conversation immediately and block the other member.  We provide a free ‘block’ feature on every user profile the you can use without limitation.  When you enable the block feature, the other member will no longer be able to see your profile or send you messages.

Use of Skype ID’s, Phone Numbers, and Email Addresses in Your Username or Profile

User accounts can be created free. When you create your user account, please remember to keep the name short (less than about 10 or 15 characters). Also, we will not accept email addresses, skype ID’s, phone numbers, or any other type of online ID in any part of your username or in your public profile description. If you do this, your account is subject to immediate and permanent deletion, regardless of whether you have upgraded your membership or not. This policy is part of our Terms of Service, that you agree to when you sign-up for the site. You are welcome to use email addresses or skype ID’s as part of private messages only.

Posting Personal Information in Public Areas of the Site

When posting in public areas of the site where everyone can see your posts (‘Public Chat’ area, etc.), please do not post personal information such as your real name, address, email, phone number, or Skype ID. Public areas can be seen by anyone accessing the site, even people who are not registered members. It is never a good idea to post personal information there, and anything you post anywhere on the site is done so at your own risk.

Posting of Adult Content and Images

Because is primarily a relationship & friendship oriented site and not an adult site, we prohibit the posting of ‘adult’ or ‘x-rated’ images or content of any type. At our discretion, we reserve the right to remove objectionable content and even terminate your user account permanently if such content is discovered on your profile. There are plenty of other websites online that allow adult content – please don’t post it here.

Meeting Offline

We encourage you to act responsibly and safely when arranging to meet anyone in person.  For the first few meetings, we recommend meeting in a public place that will be neutral to both of you, such as a coffee shop or restaurant.  Limit alcohol intake and be aware of your surroundings.  Don’t bring children with you on a date.  Follow your instincts – if something doesn’t feel right, it’s better to excuse yourself and leave rather than take a chance of any trouble happening.  The decision whether or not to meet someone offline is yours alone. is not responsible for any conduct, either online or offline, of any user of our website or user of our service.

Refund Policy On Paid Premium Memberships

There are no refunds on paid premium memberships, and the reason is obvious.  If you pay for a movie ticket, then request a refund after watching part of the movie, would you get a refund on the ticket?  Of course not, and it’s the same way with a membership to an online service. When you decide to purchase a membership on our website, you specify the amount of time you want the membership to last, and your access starts immediately.  Since you already had the opportunity to benefit from the use of the membership and you chose the time period, refunds are not permitted.

Choosing to cancel your membership or your user account before the membership expires does not entitle you to a refund either.  You agree to our refund policy on paid memberships by accepting our Terms of Service when you initially sign up for a user account, and also at the time of your membership purchase.  Please refer to our Terms of Service agreement for more information on paid memberships.

Feel Free to Contact Us

MrHubby is meant to be a place where members of our community can have fun and enjoy themselves. If you ever have a question about anything related to our website or policies, please Contact Us and we will be happy to answer your questions as best we can.


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