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Q: How can I get my profile to show on “Top Members/Popular”?

A: Get as many friends as you can! The guys with the most confirmed friends will appear on this list until someone with more friends bumps them off.



Q: How do I edit my profile or activate additional profile fields other than “Basic Details”?

A: When you first sign up, you complete only the basic information to get your profile up and running (Basic Details). To activate additional profile fields, click “Profile”, then click “Edit”. That will unlock many more profile groups for editing such as “Physical”, “Myself Summary”, “Looking For”, and “Lifestyle”. Then click on each individual profile group to edit them.

How to unlock additional profile fields



Q: How do I change my main profile photo?

A: To change your main profile photo, simply click on “Profile” then “Change Profile Photo”.  Then upload your new photo.

How to change your main profile photo



Q: How do I add more photos to my profile?

A: To add more photos to your profile, click on “Media”.  Then click “Upload” and select the photos you want to add.

How to add photos to your media gallery



Q: I no longer want to be a member. How can I delete my account?

A: In your profile settings, there is an option to delete your account. Just keep in mind that if you delete your account it is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered or restored!


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